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Be Your Own Doc

Would you like to learn 7 simple techniques to reset your bodymind, your brain, your stress levels and boost your immune system?

Are you ready to feel more resilient? More energy?

This class shares simple techniques to help you shift into balance and wellness. So simple and gentle you can use them on your kids and pets too. The class is experiential. Fun. Delightful. Health-shifting. Freeing.


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Our intention is to open-source holistic, profound selfcare, healthcare, and wellness. Let your immune cells - who are mini me cells - feel joy!


Your innate wisdom is a genius. Sometimes stress gets in the way. Let us help you connect access it.

We will share the five bodies theory to help you understand how your emotions and thoughts affect your health, and how to move through triggers.

Plus - The Seven Techniques:

  • Brain Reset
  • Stress Reset
  • Body-Mind Hydration
  • Immune Reset
  • Body Parts Balance
  • Holistic First Aid
  • Enhance Intuition

Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a mindset, a process of gentle change and growth towards a holistic lifestyle.

This three-hour online course is priced at $111 per person so you can say yes with no stress and learn these sustainable selfcare techniques to help you feel more energy, less stress, and more harmony and balance in your body, mind, soul. Value: priceless

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April 9 9:00 am p.d.t. until 1:30 pm p.d.t.

Hi, my name is Laura M. Wilde. Awhile ago I went on a journey to figure out how to stop getting yearly strep throat, bronchitis, colds, and daily stomach aches. I was surviving, not thriving! By 2011, my rapid heart rate chilled, my gut healed and my stress levels shifted into mellow. This work changed my life!

Our bodies are self-regulating & miraculous machines. I've discovered something special. Let me show you how to tap into your body's innate wisdom so you too can Be Your Own Doc.

I hope that you are open and available to experience resilient wellness! Dr. Rico and I loved creating this class, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Laura M. Wilde and EnRico Melson, MD

Course Creators/Instructors/Quantum Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Rico is our Western Medicine trained doctor. Dr. Rico is also trained in integrative medicine, mind body performance, and is a world class meditation teacher and Master Shaman.

Laura is a holistic healthcare practitioner

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